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Edimax presents Smart iCatch: the newly-upgraded viewer for your DIY security needs.View IP cameras from your iPhone and HTC Magic anytime, anywhere

Edimax’s iCatch is the newly-enhanced, web-based viewer that keeps those nagging, uneasy security issues at bay. Think of those times when you leave your home, work or warehouse, but the insecurities persist long after you are gone. What to do? Consider the iCatch! It is the easy, convenient, technologically-safe way to monitor your home, office or warehouse anywhere, anytime.

The iCatch is iPhone (Safari)- and HTC Magic (Android)- compatible, and users can take advantage of this ideal surveillance application for meeting DIY security needs. Simply connect the Edimax camera to your network environment; insert your camera name, password and IP address and place it at a chosen location to view. Then, you are ready to access real-time images from anytime and anywhere with the Edimax iCatch application running on corresponding cell phones.

Edimax’s iCatch web-based viewer allows you to adjust image frame per second and can support up to four channels. It can support IP cam mechanical Pan/Tilt function by clicking the direction buttons. Additionally, iCatch supports digital zooming functions. Simply cross your finger and digitally “zoom in” the screen for your viewing pleasure on the zooming page.
This innovative application currently supports IC-7000PT (n) V2 as the host camera, while giving users the choice to install the IC-3010 and IC-1510 viewer series set to their desired channels, as well as Edimax’s IC-7000 PT series PT functions. By sliding your finger on the iPhone or HTC Magic’s screen, you can view, control and monitor farther distances than those permitted by generic Internet cameras.


IC-7000PT V2 / IC-7000PTn V2
Fast Ethernet / Wireless 802.11n Dual Mode Pan/Tilt IP Camera

IC-7000PT IP Camera series offer a powerful surveillance solution for home and small business use. IC-7000PT/PTn V2 streams live video over the Internet to anywhere in the world. The camera features a 1.3 Megapixel lens and compatible 802.11n wireless standard, which is the best for transferring high quality video due to high transmission rates and reliable stability. It features a motorized Pan/Tilt function that can be operated remotely by clicking the direction buttons through the web interface and supports viewing angles of ±355° horizontally and ±120° vertically. This function allows users to adjust the camera angles and scan an entire room or office from top to bottom.


About Edimax

Edimax Technology is a renowned, global manufacturer of a broad range of networking and connectivity solutions. Since its inception in 1986, the company has grown to be one of Asia’s leading manufacturer of networking products and solutions. Edimax is headquartered in Taipei County, Taiwan, and has been a listed entity on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since 2001. In 2009, the company’s group revenue reached approximately US $110 million worldwide. Edimax’s complete product portfolio satisfies all connectivity needs, whatever the network architecture or application requirements are.

  • Wireless
  • Print Servers / MFP Servers
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • NAS
  • IP Cameras
  • Home Entertainment
  • Connectivity
  • Switches
  • KVM Switches
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